Saturday, 11 January 2014

Let's make fresh start . . .

I've decided to start a new blog because I am a bit tired of the layout of the original one.  Since I upgraded the layout I've been unable to change anything, and it wasn't entirely how I wanted it anyway.  Some processes on a pc are so elusive.
But I've found some photos to make a start - sunset from our back upstairs windows . . . .

 . . . and four paintings for Christmas at church -
from four of the traditional readings:
Isaiah 9 "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light", a prophecy about the coming Messiah.

Luke !: 26   Mary being told by the angel Gabriel that she was going to give birth to Jesus, the son of God.

 Luke 2   Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in the stable, the angels telling the shepherds about the birth and the shepherds hurrying down to Bethlehem to see him.

John 1   about the Word of God - Jesus  -
. . . "the word became flesh . . ."
 but instead of the word 'flesh' there is a baby in a womb.

There's got to be some stitching here, and this is the only one I can find taken recently.  Our camera gave up the ghost a while back and a kind daughter lent us an old one of hers.  This is a crazy patch on a cushion I made her years ago.  I'm looking at crazy patchwork at the moment because I'm teaching a cp workshop next month.  Not a good pic, but some nice seam work!

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